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Design Gang and Turtle Bags project is one of the winners of the WORTH Partnership Project by the European Commission

Turtle Bags and Design Gang Network has successfully passed the Final Evaluations of WORTH Partnership Project. Our innovative design trolley has ranked within the list of 65 successful projects to be awarded for the first round of partnership projects.
WORTH PROJECT has initiated partnerships between Designers and Enterprises in fashion, textiles, jewellery, footwear, eyewear, furniture, leather industries, from different EU member states to create innovative new products.

WORTH creates and supports transnational collaborations between designers, creative professionals, manufacturing enterprises (SMEs), crafters/makers and technology providers looking to develop design-driven and innovative products, solutions or business ideas in lifestyle industries.

The Steering Board had the opportunity to get to know firsthand the quality of project proposals and operational capacities of our partnership to reach the final verdict of which partnership should be awarded.

Within the 10-month incubation programme of the WORTH Partnership Project II, Turtle Bags and Design Gang will develop the shopping trolley according to the New European Bauhaus principles of beutiful, sustainable, together.

Project Abstract

Shopping trolleys have received little attention in terms of design, sourcing sustainably and ethical sourcing in recent generations and as a result are seen as an ugly tool.    

The trend of shopping locally which has emerged through Covid restrictions is likely to benefit from permanent changes within our communities.  “More than nine in 10 of people who have shopped locally say they will continue to do so”

BEAUTY: The time is right for a rethink on the shopping trolley and to introduce a beautiful object which is designed for conscious living for all. In bringing wider appeal we seek to promote an inclusive and sustainable lifestyle: encouraging people to slow down and to shop local.  

INCLUSIVITY: The trolley is designed to be fully integrated to carry on foot, public transport and on bike so offering use across abilities and generations.  

SUSTAINABILITY: The life cycle will be carefully designed for circularity of use with replaceable components and the use of renewable resources. In reflecting the values of the the trolley the users will be proud of the product and spread the philosophy.