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MASCHERATI: Safety first, but with style!

The protective mask helps us to preserve our health and the health of the people we meet, but erases an important part of the face and our ability to communicate
Is there a way to regain this ability?
Why not design an accessory to wear and express our mood?
We created the "MASCHERATI: Safety first, but with style!" project: an exercise in graphics and style to combat the effects of coronavirus.
We publish our first 8 proposals starting from ALWAYS ConTE, which makes us a bit "contemporary superhero" like him, Giuseppe Conte, protagonist of this period with his daily live broadcasts. Then we explored other moods, other superheroes, characters, works of art, up to THE REAL ME - 100% IO, the line with which we reappropriate a chosen frame of our 'real' face.

MASCHERATI, free your imagination and find your freedom of expression!