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The Game of the Goose in Quarantine

Does the Covid-19 seem to be a never ending emergency? Design Gang designed CORONA GAME, the Game of the Goose in Quarantine!

Arm yourself with a dice and a good dose of patience, this period is full of pitfalls and could last much longer than your ability to remain calm.
Corona Game is a path of 40 squares. It's a way to play a game with those who are with you, within the same walls. It is also our way of leaving traces of the story of these hard days and trying to explain Covid-19 emergency to kids, through the game boxes.
And in any case, how else could you spend your time?

How does the Game of the Goose in Quarantine work?

Download and print the game path, choose an object that you find at home and that can be a pawn. Place them all on the VIA, read the rules printed next to the route and start the fun in 40 square!

Remember that there is a rule that you will always have to respect: it is absolutely FORBIDDEN to stay in an occupied box! As required by the law you must always respect the safety distance of 1 meter! Whenever you land in a box already occupied by another pawn, you must move to the Police checkbox.

Hold on, spread the game and fight boredom by playing the Corona Game!