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Eye Touch by Design Gang is a finalist project of the "SHARP DESIGN CONTEST | LIGHT FOR EMOTIONAL COMFORT", promoted by Sharp Corporation and

The 15 finalists selected by the jury, are considered the most innovative illuminating systems. These projects have been submitted by a number of Italian students and professionals who partecipated creating designs characterized by a contemporary aesthetics and able to convey the values and identity of the brand SHARP.
This illumination system consists of SHARP Flat type LED, that can be used either as a stand alone, or it can be hooked-on to other modules to create a groups of light.

Easy-to-use clever interface. Modules are controlled via bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi through an App from a tablet and/or smartphone.
Energy saving system. Pre-set each and every light in the house according to your needs/mood.
 Suits your lifestlye. An infinite number of themes can be set to dress a room with a particular mood.
 Lights-up your way. Powered either through the electrical current, or through a rechargeable battery pack located inside.
Smart hook. Hook it up on to modules and create groups.
 Monthly summary. Make a monthly summary of your light power consumption by a simple click on your tablet.