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I like to sit is an interaction design project, in which the objects are connected. Each session is held by sensors, which is able to interact with the person.
The prototype is a sort of physical social network between sessions in the same environment, between them and with the network. The chair feels that I'm sitting and in the Facebook wall of the place where I stand, projected onto the wall, sends a message of welcome to me. With a like, a comment or commenting on other people sitting on the other sessions. This mechanism invites you to shoot: from the physical to the virtual connection and the other way around.
In addition to a verbal interaction on the status of messages on the social network page, users can also exchange physical 'poke' through a vibration that starts from the session. Conceptually, it goes even further from the virtual to the physical connection. A first reflection aimed at enriching the sense of touch with the virtual interaction of social networks.
The project was exhibited at Salone del Mobile in Milan, 2011.