Canavese Connexion

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Canavese Connexion puts design at the service of the different industrial districts among Turin, opening new roads to connections between the world of production and the one of design.
Born from an idea of Design Gang in collaboration with the Municipality of Ivrea, Canavese Connexion is a project that promotes young designers through the enhancement of the Canavese production. The design offers to the companies new potential for their industrial redevelopment and re-positioning within the world production market.
The goal is to support companies in the manufacturing sector in the redevelopment of their production system and in the development of new products.
The case history that followed can explain the results of a meeting between manufacturing and design and opens up new production horizons.
The projects were exhibited from 16 to 23 November at the La Serra Convention Center in Ivrea and collected in a catalog.

Design Gang took care of the concept, the realization of the exhibition project and the communication materials.