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We believe the best designs are formed and molded by the user, this thinking informs all of our work. This range of faucets is no different, they have been designed based upon the average requests of the people, promoting natural interaction and providing comfort. Our goal to ensure optimum performance is directly correlated to the form of our design(s).
 Design Gang
Aesthetically, the concept research lead us to have a full range of faucets designed to emphasise a consistent language of simplicity and peacefulness. The root idea was made following simple rules; the bodies are mostly flat, and the personality is achieved with straight lines that exit from the circumference of the body.
The desire to seamlessly integrate products into the home has led us to work on the development of next generation faucets that embrace a fresh, innovative look at materials and finishes with a more interior-styled aesthetic. We believe that design should focus on the bare essentials. A product should blend into the background and do nothing more than it is supposed to do while still emphasizing its personality.