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Perfumed Cloth Stand
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We were approached by an ambitious multinational perfume company to create an iconic and quite unique product. The Perfume Stand, the first of its kind, is a robust casing that has been designed to perfume clothing with the brand's highest quality of essences. Its monolithic exterior give it a simplistic, clean look whilst keeping in-line with the fashion trends and varied demographics.
 Design Gang
With our philosophy in mind, Conscious Design; we have also designed a product that can adapt to its function. The casing can withstand high temperatures, meaning that the clothing inside can be perfumed repeatedly with no absolute wear at all. The casing inside wall has intentionally been made thicker and higher, preventing the clothing to make direct contact with the heat center and allowing the intake of fragance to flow in a fluid way.
 Design Gang
 Design Gang
 Design Gang
Comparing and studying materials from our extensive material library, in-house 3D printing and sketching were all tools that helped during the refinement process, they help us adapt to the client requirement(s).
When developing the Nabeel range, it was important to us that we create products which help dismantle culture stereotypes, or at least; not play along with the dated idea of "eastern or western". None the less we think we have achieved the perfect balance between preserving a tradition and innovating.
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 Design Gang
 Design Gang