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Visual Identity
 Design Gang

from 2017 - present - communication campaign

Gabinetto G.P. Vieusseux of Florence is approaching 200 years: it was December 9, 1819 when Giovan Pietro Vieusseux announced the opening of a site that made available to subscribers 'scientific and literary newspapers' in different languages located in Palazzo Buondelmonti in Piazza Santa Trinità. Alba Donati, president of  the prestigious institution of the City of Florence, created in 2017, together with the director Gloria Manghetti (the first women to cover the summit positions after almost two centuries), a nice way to approach the 200s with the overview "Scrittori raccontano scrittori" (Writers recount writers).
 "Scrittori raccontano scrittori" is a three-year project: every year 10 contemporary writers bring to the attention of readers 10 of yesterday's writers, whose original papers are kept in the Contemporary Archive of the library. The narration begins from something new found in the Archives, or from a scribble, a variant written in the margin, a drawing on the notebook.

Design Gang took care of the image of this literary festival from its first edition in 2017, with a communication campaign conveyed with planning on newspapers, banners on web newspapers, posters, postcards and images for web and social.

We also designed