Industry 4.0 - Design Gang at MECSPE 2018

Industry 4.0 - Design Gang at MECSPE 2018



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Industry 4.0 - Design Gang at MECSPE 2018
Industry 4.0 - Design Gang at MECSPE 2018

MECSPE is the reference annual fair for the manufacturing industry and 4.0 industry projects. The appointment is from 22 to 24 of March, 2018 at Fiere di Parma.

Design Gang has been involved in the design and realization of a simplified representation of a production chain that reflects 4.0 Industry guidelines. The gadget we’ve developed became an easy way to explain to visitors the potential development of future intelligent factory.

The production chain is composed by many heterogeneous machineries that smartly work togheter thanks to digital technologies. And there’s a regulation that boost companies which approach the 4.0 industry.

During the fair it’s shown this integration through the production of a plastic gadget designed by Gang.

Using a tablet the visitor inserts his order. Babyplast Injection Printer receives the order and prints plastic components.
MGM ROBOTICS robot takes the components and brings them to the laser welding machine of CEMAS ELETTRA.

In parallel MICROLA OPTOELECTRONICS 3D printer decorates the gadget with miniaturized details.
Once the welding process is completed the robot takes the piece and brings it to the visitors through a slide.

The visitor enters the piece confirmation order on the tablet and prints the delivery note. It allows the visitor to get the piece laser marked with name and surname, inserted during the order, at MICROLA/ORCHESTRA stand (Fabbrica Digitale - Pad. 4.1 - Stand C31).

All the cycle is controlled and monitorized by an ORCHESTRA system that starts the production after a visitor digital input, tracks each processing and controls the product progess, producing a delivery note for the visitor.

A monitor allows visitors to follow the entire production process, but it can also be seen on mobile devices using the QR code highlighted.


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