Corona Virus Safety Distance? The answer comes from design



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Corona Virus Safety Distance? The answer comes from design
Corona Virus Safety Distance? The answer comes from design

The recent events involving Coronavirus oblige people to stay at a distance from others, at least one meter, for their own and others' safety.

Among the various anomalies and paradoxes of the period we are experiencing, approaching to others as if we were in a zombie apocalypse videogame,it is not something that we're used to do spontaneously and immediately. We Italians are the people of hugs, of the greetings with a double kiss, of the little pats on the cheeks of the children, of the queues at the check-ins to get first to our seat.

The designer's job is to find functional answers to people's ever-changing needs.

And Design Gang responds to the emergency these days with Corolla's design.

The project was born initially from "droplet-proof" clothes, that are those droplets of saliva that are dispersed in the air by those who sneeze, cough or speak.

The evolution of this study is Corolla, a wearable PPE (Personal Protective Device), which allows you to maintain a safety distance (1 meter) between people, necessary to comply with the provisions of the decree of the Italian government of 8th March 2020 for controlling the Covid-19.

We remind you that this decree provides for sanctions in case of non-compliance with the distance of one meter between people, an obligation currently imposed on all those who go to bars, restaurants, shops and shopping centers.

Corolla is an equipped belt, with 5 spring steel wires, flexible but not foldable, with soft terminals that on the one hand allow people to clearly perceive the meter away and on the other hand to the managers of the locations to have a concrete solution to the their responsibilities.

Corolla adapts to spaces, allowing passage through narrow doors and seating for people.

It is a hybrid project: on the one hand it helps to protect people's health, keeping them at the distance indicated by the decree, on the other hand it suggests a solution for those who want to participate in social activities, respecting the rules and health of all.


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