Press Campaign

Press Campaign “Scrittori Raccontano Scrittori”

On Saturday, May 13th, the first “Scrittori Raccontano Scrittori” round of events ended. The series of meetings have been organized by the italian Gabinetto on the 200th anniversary of the Cabinet G.P. Vieusseux occasion.

Design Gang was in charge of the event press campaign development (italian newspapers involved: Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, La Nazione e Domenica del Sole 24 Ore) Through an evocative image that includes an historical photo of the archive and a collection of original signatures of literate such as Giacomo Leopardi.

It was December 9, 1819, when Giovan Pietro Vieusseux announced the opening of a venue providing to its subscribers 42 ‘scientific and literary’ newspapers (Italian, English, French, and German). The setting was the historical Buondelmonti Palace in Piazza Santa Trinita, Florence, Italy.

“Scrittori Raccontano Scrittori” is a three-year project: every year 10 writers re-read 10 yesterday writers, whose papers are kept in the Cabinet’s Contemporary Archive.

The writers were asked to explore the Bonsanti Archives papers and to look for new keys of interpretation of the chosen author. One of the goals is to bring high school students nearer to passionate readings.

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